There’s nothing more annoying than a flickering fluorescent light overheard, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on your work. But a flickering or malfunction ballast can lead to more than just minor annoyances. If not dealt with, faulty tubes within the ballast can cause it to overheat, fail, or worse, burn out! If your business suffers from inadequate lighting due to a bad light ballast, contact Schafer Electric! Not only can we repair or replace faulty ballasts, but we can also suggest upgrades to save you money. 

Light Ballast Repair and Replacement

A ballast can die or start to fail for a number of reasons: a tripped breaker or fuse, a dead or dying ballast, a dead starter, or a dead bulb(s). And when it comes to repairing or replacing your light ballast, it’s best to turn to the professionals. Not only will a professional commercial electrician be able to accurately diagnose what is causing the failure, but they’ll be able to source new parts at lower costs. So, rather than going the DIY route, guessing, and spending a bunch of unnecessary money, it’s best to trust a pro. 

Energy-efficient Lighting Solutions

There is certainly the option to simply swap a burned-out bulb for a new one in an existing ballast. However, a better option all around is to replace the ballast with a more energy-efficient alternative. Newer lighting solutions are significantly more energy-efficient, specifically LED lighting rated between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. In comparison, fluorescent is rated for 7,000-15,000 hours, halogen for 2,000 hours, and HID for 6,000-24,000 hours.

Schafer Electric is Your Commercial Electrician

If your light ballast needs repair or replacement, or you’re considering an upgrade to LED lighting, call Schafer Electric at 707-545-3300. Our expert electricians will perform the job quickly and efficiently. And if you are considering an upgrade, they’ll be able to advise which lighting solution works best for your situation. So, contact us today for all your commercial lighting needs