Before you start any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, it’s best to consider all the parts and pieces. That includes your bathroom and kitchen lighting. Proper lighting is essential in functional spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. So rather than trust your lighting to an amateur or DIYer, contact Schafer Electric! Let us illuminate your home so you can get the most out of your space. 

Lighting for Residential Remodels and Renovations

Unless you have previous electrical experience, always hire a licensed electrician, especially when it comes to significant home improvement projects like remodels or renovations. Regardless of whether you’re entirely replacing all your bathroom and/or kitchen lighting, or simply upgrading it, a licensed professional will get the job done correctly and safely. 

Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting, form meets function. As you consider which fixtures to choose for your bathroom and/or kitchen remodel, keep in mind both the style and function of the lighting. A professional electrician will be able to lend an ear and advice when it comes to what fixtures to place where.  

Energy Efficiency

Chances are, when planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you considered upgrading your lighting for more energy-efficient solutions. Energy-efficient lighting can not only reduce energy costs but can also reduce your environmental impact. The most popular option these days is LED lighting. They’re significantly more energy efficient and long-lasting, but also come in a variety of colors and styles to match your kitchen or bathroom aesthetic. 


When it comes to your home’s electrical wiring, don’t cut corners. Your kitchen and bathroom(s) are some of the most used rooms in your home so it’s important that these areas especially have safely and efficiently installed wiring. Having a professional residential electrician take care of your kitchen and bathroom lighting will drastically reduce the chances of mistakes like using the wrong wiring or missing the location of fixtures. And of course, hiring a professional will also mitigate any future electrical hazards and make sure the installation meets all code requirements. 

Have Your Bathroom or Kitchen Lighting Done by a Professional

Remodeling or renovating your bathroom or kitchen can provide a lot of joy and cause a lot of stress. Let Schafer Electric take some of that stress out of the equation. Our professional electricians will handle all your residential lighting needs quickly, efficiently and within budget. They can help with fixtures, upgrading to energy-efficient solutions and wiring. So, give us a call at 707-545-330 or contact us today!