Are Ceiling Fans Old-Fashioned?

In both form and functionality, ceiling fans have come a long way.

Ceiling fans are often seen as the cheap, ineffective solution to air conditioning. In reality, they’re an energy-efficient, versatile, effective complement to both A/C and heating.

When people hear “ceiling fan”, a common reaction is to immediately think of an outdated building in the summer months. Ceiling fans are actually a great way to increase comfort in both the summer and winter months.

In the Summer

Air conditioning units are power-hungry, no matter what their efficiency. It’s hard work to create cool air to fill an entire home. A great way to complement your A/C usage during hot days is with the cooling breeze of a ceiling fan.

In the summer, your fan should rotate counterclockwise when viewed from the floor. The blades’ leading edges should be pointed upward, pushing air down below the fan. When the fan is in this configuration, a cooling breeze is generated that accelerates the rate of evaporation of perspiration. In other words, your body’s natural temperature regulator gets a boost in effectiveness.

The measureable, physical result of the breeze can make the room feel up to 8° cooler. That’s a huge difference, especially when you consider just how little energy that fan is using. A ceiling fan can save you degrees worth of cooling power, allowing you to raise that thermostat without discomfort.

Depending on your utilization of ceiling fans throughout the home, you can save up to 40% on your A/C costs. There’s nothing old-fashioned about being energy-efficient.

In the Winter

Ceiling fans have great utility in the summer, but what can they possibly do in the winter?

A lot, actually.

Most people don’t even think about their ceiling fans during the winter, because who would want a cool breeze on a cold day? However, modern fans can be winterized, which is a process far less involved than what you do to the family cabin.

A ceiling fan can be spun in the opposite direction during the winter to great effect. Spinning clockwise now with the blades’ leading edges pointing down, the fan will recirculate warm air trapped near the ceiling.

For the best results, the fan should be set to a low speed to prevent any noticeable breeze. You don’t want the wind chill effect taking place this time.

With recirculated warm air, your home gains a few degrees, allowing you to set the thermostat lower without any discomfort. You can also turn down or off any other heating devices you may be employing, including space heaters and heating blankets.

In the end, you have a more comfortable home for a fraction of the cost it would take to achieve by just turning on the heater.

Maximizing the Effects of Ceiling Fans

In order to attain the best results possible from ceiling fans, there should be one installed in most or all rooms in the house. Further, it should be installed at the best position, which a qualified electrician or electrical contractor can identify.

When the fans are present in more locations in the house, their cumulative effects are far more powerful. For one, you won’t wander into a room without a fan and then feel the need to adjust the thermostat to heat or cool the entire house. Doing so can waste a great deal of electricity, running up those bills. The rooms in your house should work in unison to regulate the temperature, or they should be able to be individually regulated with a fan when desired. This is an ideal setup to save a great deal of energy.

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