Prepare Your Home for PG&E Power Shut-Offs with Residential Generators

As fire season approaches amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, many Sonoma County residents are already preparing for PG&E power shut-offs. These Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) affected over 800,0000 people in California last year. At Schafer Electric, we can help you prepare for the inevitable PG&E power outages with backup power solutions, like residential backup generators.

Sonoma County Wildfire Season and PG&E Power Outages

The combination of high temperatures, dry conditions, and gusty winds leaves all of Northern California vulnerable to fire. The utility schedules annual power the shut-offs throughout Sonoma County as a precaution due to high wildfire risk. Unfortunately this attempt to secure the grid will coincide with the current COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many residents without electricity for unknown periods of time.

Do You Need Backup Power For Your Home?

If PG&E shut off your power today, would you be ready? Depending on where you live, you could be without power for several hours or several days. This could mean: spoiled food in your refrigerator, no air conditioning, interruptions to your daily routine, and even safety issues. If you are currently working from home during COVID-19, the impact can be even more severe.

Residential backup generators are the perfect way to keep appliances, lights, air conditioners, and essential systems in your home working during a power outage. Not only do generators automatically work to keep your basic household up and running, but they can also ensure essential medical life-support systems will remain uncompromised during critical times.

Automatic Residential Standby Generators

Automatic Residential Standby Generators

In the event your power is shut off, a standby generator will automatically kick on and restore power to your home. Within seconds of a power outage, the automatic transfer switch will know the power has gone out and will transfer the electrical load to the generator. Once normal power is restored to your home, the generator will automatically power down.

These generators are designed to power your entire home or can be customized to power only some essential circuits, depending on your needs. Most units are powered by natural gas through a direct line, so refueling is unnecessary. Most units are no bigger than an air conditioner. They make very little noise when running and are silent when not in use.

Residential Generator Installation

Our certified technicians at Schafer Electric can easily help you determine the best generator for your home. We will ensure your generator will provide the custom solutions you will need in the event your power is shut off. After it is carefully installed, our technician will thoroughly test your new backup generator to ensure your home is never left without power.

Residential Generator Maintenance and Support

Our team at Schafer Electric provides generator service and support, so your unit will always be ready for use. To ensure your residential backup generator remains in top condition, we recommend annual inspection and maintenance. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in servicing or repairing nearly any brand of generator.

Beat PG&E Power Outages with Residential Backup Generators

Schafer Electric Services, Inc is a family-owned and operated business focused on good, old fashioned family values. When it comes to keeping the power on in your home, we never cut corners and always make sure we get the job done right, and done well. 

Don’t wait for an unexpected PG&E power outage to seriously affect your life at home. Contact Schafer Electric to install a residential backup generator today.

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