Electrical Codes and standards are updated every three years, leaving many electrical systems in older homes extremely outdated. If your home hasn’t been professionally inspected by an electrician in a few years, chances are your electrical system no longer meets the standard.  

If you are looking to buy or currently live in an older home in Sonoma County, it is important to work with a professional electrician to find and solve any potential electrical problems that could endanger you and your family. 

An older home can be more affordable and charming than a newly-built house, but if your electrical system hasn’t been upgraded, you might be in for some serious problems.

5 Electrical Issues a Professional Electrician Can Help You Fix

There are many electrical issues that arise in older Sonoma County homes. The best way to determine what problems you might be dealing with is by contacting a professional residential electrician. Here are just a few issues that our experts encounter in older houses:

1. Older Homes Usually Have Outdated Wiring and Panels

Did you know that the average American house was built in the 1970s? In homes built in the early ’60s and ’70s, they used aluminum instead of copper wiring because it was less expensive. Over the years aluminum has proven to be a more dangerous option prone to overheating and increasing the risk of fire or electrocution.

Furthermore, if your older home frequently experiences tripped breakers, power surges, or isn’t getting enough power, it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade. If you aren’t sure what type of wiring is in your home or if your electrical panel is over 30 years old, contact Schafer Electric to schedule a full electrical inspection.

2. May Experience Flickering Lights

If you notice the lights start to flicker whenever you turn on an appliance, this is usually a sign that you are overloading the circuit and need to increase your home’s electrical load potential. If you experience lights flickering on their own, this is a sign of a very serious electrical issue. Flickering lights are typically an indicator of loose or frayed wiring which is one of the leading causes of electrical fires in homes.

In any event, flickering lights in older homes is not something that should be ignored. Contact an electrician to pinpoint and correct the problem.

3. Older Homes May Have Outlet Issues

It’s no surprise that our dependence on electricity has increased over the years. Most people are going to have a number of personal devices they need to keep charged, as well as stationary appliances that remain plugged in for regular use. 

Utilizing power strips and extension cords to keep all your household electronics operational could eventually damage your home’s electrical wiring. If there are not enough outlets to compliment your lifestyle, a professional electrician can help. 

Ungrounded outlets (two holes, instead of three) are also often found in older homes built in the mid-1960s and before. If an outlet is not properly grounded, there is an increased risk of electrocution, especially in wet areas such as baths and kitchens.

Our technicians at Schafer Electric can easily upgrade two-prong outlets with properly grounded three-prong ones, as well as install GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) to areas in your home where moisture may occur.

4. Older Homes May Be Missing Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Over the years, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have become staples in every home. Not only has it become required by law to install them in your home, but you are also required to replace them over time. If your older home lacks smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, contact a professional electrician for installation and repairs!

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Whether you are buying, living in, or remodeling an older house, ignoring electrical problems is never worth the risk, and repairing electrical work can be complicated and dangerous for an untrained professional. It’s important to work with a certified electrician to ensure your electrical issues are solved properly.

If you have an older home and are experiencing electrical problems, contact Shafer Electrical for a residential lighting consultation. If you want to learn more about energy-efficient options, don’t forget to ask about our green-lighting plans!

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