How Proper Outdoor Lighting Installation Can Benefit Your Backyard this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your backyard, and with proper lighting installation you can transform the way you spend time outside! Simple lighting solutions provide a gorgeous place to enjoy backyard activities while also enhancing security around the darkest areas of your home.

Don’t miss another beautiful Spring evening outside, and light up your backyard with these four tips from the experts at Schafer Electric!

1. Stylish Outdoor Patio Lighting Installation Ideas

Covered outdoor patio lit from above at night

Adding lights to your covered patio area is a great way to get the most out of your outdoor space even after the sun goes down. Many overhangs can easily be equipped with various outdoor lighting options to suit any style home and lifestyle.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting provides ample ambient light overhead while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive look. They can easily light up an entire seating area by placing them evenly along your patio’s cover.

Pendant Lights

Hanging chandeliers and other bold pendant light fixtures can extend the comforts of your home outside and create a seamless extension of inside outdoors. Pendant fixtures bring the light down a little closer and provide a well-rounded lighting option.

Ceiling Fan

Comfort on a warm Spring night is easy with a ceiling fan light fixture. A fan’s brisk breeze will circulate cool air and installing an LED bulb will even prevent flies and mosquitos from ruining your outdoor gathering.

Wall Sconces and String Lights

Some patio covers, like flat and slatted styles, don’t work for larger light fixture installations. In this case, wall sconces can be affixed to your exterior wall and outdoor string lights can be hung overhead. These give a romantic ambiance that provides enough comfortable light to see without too much effort.

2. Outdoor Safety Light Installation for Your Deck

Lit up deck at night from lights in stairs and along the railing

As the stage of your backyard, your deck should be the shining beacon of a perfect Spring evening outside. Installing proper lighting will enhance the safety of your deck or porch and add a beautiful ambiance to the space.

Down Lights For Under Steps and Surfaces

Small, subtle down lights can do wonders for a deck when placed under stairs or tables. They offer a bright atmosphere that isn’t intrusive to your eyes and make it safer to walk. They especially look great under deck railings or along the sides of a raised deck to show off the garden below.

Deck Perimeter Lighting

Deck post cap light futures allow you to easily line the edge of your deck with safety lights that also add ambiance to the space. These clearly section off any hazardous drops for added safety and come in plenty of styles to match any home design. 

3. Landscaping Light Installation to Highlight Your Garden and Walkways

Long garden path at dusk lit by path lighting

Turn a boring, dark backyard into a serene Springtime backdrop by incorporating landscape and path lighting. Now the proudest green thumbs can show off their garden handiwork even at night.

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting creates a dramatic look with narrow beams of light to feature yard art, ornamental plants, fences, and trees. Placing lights around the perimeter of your yard gives it a defined look with depth that would otherwise be completely lost in the dark.

Path Lights

Placing low-voltage lights along your path provides a safe way to navigate your garden at night. Lead them to a prized tree, a gorgeous statue, or just to a gate for an easy exit. These provide just enough low illumination to show off the path’s design and any obstacles without blinding sensitive eyes. The variety of designs and lighting options can meet any garden style! 

4. Outdoor Security Light Installation for Your Home

Security light on a home pointing at the yard

With proper outdoor security lighting you can keep an even closer eye on your backyard from the safety of your home. There are a number of different types of exterior security lighting systems available for homeowners and many of these lights also come with security camera features.

Motion Activated Outdoor Lights 

Motion-sensor lights light up even the darkest backyard to scare off intruders anytime movement is sensed around your home. This allows you to keep your home energy usage low by not leaving lights on all night long. 

Flood Lights

Flood lights are perfect for large outdoor spaces that require extra bright illumination at night. These are a great option for pet owners who want to keep a close eye on their furry friends, or anyone looking to brightly illuminate an outdoor space quickly and efficiently. Placing a flood light in a high location allows the light to reach even farther, and placing it lower creates and even more powerful beams of light in a centralized location. 

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Proper lighting plays an essential role in creating the backyard atmosphere you want to enjoy this Spring. 
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