How a Commercial Standby Generator Can Protect Your Bay Area Business from PG&E Power Outages

Is your business prepared to handle an emergency power shut-off? If safety, security, and revenue are things you worry about as a business owner, loss of power can be your worst nightmare. Bay Area business owners and residents can expect to experience annual power loss for hours or even days at a time. So take the time to prepare your facility for future power outages and other unforeseen emergencies with a commercial standby generator.

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby commercial generator will ensure you are able to stay fully operational and open for business during a power outage. Even if your business is closed for the night, you can power essential systems without any delay in the event of a black-out. Standby generators are designed to power-on automatically within seconds of a power shut-off. 

Commercial generators are discreetly installed outdoors and can look no different than a common AC unit. They are connected directly to a natural gas line for energy-efficient power that you will never need to refuel. 

Read on to learn how a commercial generator can help protect your Bay Area business and can give you peace of mind during a power outage.

Avoid Lost Revenue with a Commercial Generator

Protect your business investments by ensuring you stay open and fully operational even during power outages. Keeping your point of sale systems running will ensure you can continue to provide necessary resources to your community. A power generator will also safeguard all your essential business information, digital records, and computer files during a power outage. 

If you run a grocery store or a restaurant, your perishable items will never go to waste with a standby generator. Commercial units are strong enough to power industrial refrigerators and freezers, so no perishable food or drink will go bad before your power is restored. Not only will your lights remain unaffected, but your building will also remain air-conditioned or heated to ensure your employees and customers are comfortable.

Maintain Business Security Systems During a Power Outage

If your business goes offline, chances are your security system does too, leaving your business even more vulnerable during emergencies. With a standby generator, all your security precautions will remain in full working order with little to no delay. 

Sleep soundly knowing your business and livelihood are fully secure even during power outages with a commercial standby generator. 

Keep Your Business Safe

If your area has lost power due to an accident or dangerous conditions, being prepared is essential to staying safe. Loss of power means loss of essential utilities that you could need to call for help. 

Keep your employees and customers at ease by knowing your business is prepared for a planned power outage. A backup generator system will ensure your business and property is always a beacon of safety and comfort during tough times.

Prepare Your Business for PG&E Power Outages with a Standby Generator 

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Don’t leave your business vulnerable. Take control of your utilities with a commercial generator. At Schafer Electric Services Inc, we want to help Bay Area business owners prepare for inevitable power outages and keep your establishments open. You can trust our experienced technicians to keep the power on in your business with a reliable commercial generator.

Don’t wait for an unexpected PG&E power outage to seriously affect your business revenue and livelihood. Contact Schafer Electric to install or service your commercial backup generator today.

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